John Graney is a Composer and Screenwriter living and working in the Los Angeles area. Since his first gig singing as a member of the Los Angeles Children’s Choir in an opera in 1989, he has been trapped in that mirky and miraculous space where Music and Storytelling collide. The subsequent thirty years found him working as a singer and multi-instrumentalist on the road and a film industry carnie when in town. Tired of the road, Graney has settled back in LA for good where he recently graduated AFI with a masters degree in screenwriting. So why is he composing for a living? Um … Yeah, I’m gonna stop writing the third person if that’s cool with you. I genuinely don’t see a difference between screenwriting and composing musical score for film. It’s just using different tools to do the same thing. Help the team tell this story the best way humanly possible. After thirty years in the game, I speak Music as easily as I speak English. That is a value I can and very very much enjoy bringing to films. Stylistically speaking, I like to approach an orchestra the same way The Beatles did – irreverently, and with an eye on making it do things it didn’t know it could … and hopefully with at least a bit of scratchy guitar hidden in there somewhere.